Stars in their eyes - (05/02/2011)Back

  • Act 1 - 'Westlife' Kirby Maria, Maeliosa Hardy, Maria Hasson and Amy Brennan
  • Act 2 - 'Gareth Brooks' Aidan Cassley
  • Act 3 and winners 'The T Birds' Kealan Darragh, Conor McKeever, James Scally, Ryan Lynch and Enda McFerran
  • Act 4 - 'Peter Kay' Blaine Quinn
  • Act 5 - Yana Rafferty as 'Kenny Rodgers' and Cynthia Smyth as 'Dolly Parton'
  • Act 6 - 'Paul Rodgers' Benny Crawford featuring Brendan Crawford as the gorgeous blonde
  • Act 7 - 'Queen' Caroline Dalrymple, Helena Dalrymple, Emma Hampson and Shariffa O'Kane
  • Act 8 - 'Scissor Sisters' Joel Quinn
  • Act 9 and third place 'Mature Steps' Bernie McLean, Patricia Crawford, Colette Gribben and Chrissie Quinn
  • Act 10 - Mary Francis Doherty as 'Katy Perry' and Thomas Doherty as 'Snoop Dog'
  • Act 11 and runners up 'The Village People' Michael Hardy, Cathal McMullan, Mark Hasson, Paul Doherty and Peader McMullan
  • The Comperes Terry and Michael C Hasson
  • The Judges receiving an award from club Chairman Brian O'Neill, Eamon McGarrell, Cora McLernon, Sinead McGrath and Barry McElduff
  • The industrious organising committee.  Back Row: - Noel McGuckin, Ciaran Hasson, Benny Hegarty, Paddy McLernon and Thomas Doherty Front Row: - Natalie Hasson, Aileen Hardy, Elaine Donaghy and Pauline Quigg