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GAA 125 - Pig Racing
8th May 2009
Friday 8th May 2009 was the start of our Fun weekend leading up to the La na chlub day 10th May, due to unforeseen weather conditions the pig racing and the club Mass were the only events to take place as planned.

Prior to this event the local press showed great interest. U105FM held a radio interview on the Ivan Martin show. Paul Hasson our club PRO was interviewed by Ivan and Julian Simmons as to the nature of this event. BBC Newsline also got in on the act and held a live interview with club chairman Brian O'Neill on the evening news. The TV and radio coverage must have done the trick as all club members and local community turned out in large numbers to support this extraordinary event.

The first race got underway shortly after half seven and the last race was finished just around 9.50pm with everyone having enjoyed the pigs despite the mixed weather conditions.

Special thanks goes to our GAA125 Committee for the organisation of this event, especially Damien Mc Ferran and Eamon Mc Garrell, thanks go also to Aidan Short who supplied the pigs for the event. Eamon Dillon and Dominic O'Neill for collecting the bets, the ticket sellers on the evening especially the young Camogiers, Terry Hasson who's now becoming famous as "the man on the mic", Ciaran Hasson for producing excellent brochures and lastly a special mention to everyone who supported the pig racing and made it a real sizzler!