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St. Mary's GAC - Healthy Club Questionnaire
8th April 2013
Hi everyone!
Now that the Biggest Loser has finished, we want to keep the momentum going and
the timing is perfect as St. Mary’s has been chosen to take part in the National GAA Healthy Club project.
This project aims to highlight and re-enforce the great work already being done by the club while helping to identify and responding to the most important health issues amongst club members and the wider community.
St.Mary’s is only one of six Ulster clubs chosen to take part in this project and we ere chosen due to the wide range of health and wellbeing activities we’ve already undertaken, the Biggest Loser being just one, as well as others, such as the Suicide Awareness Programme.
To make the Healthy Club Project a success we need help, ideas and support from everyone involved in the Biggest Loser and anyone in the community who is interested in becoming healthier together.
A short survey has been designed and we need as many responses as possible so please take a couple of minutes to give us your opinions so that we can keep going with the positive spirit we’ve all got since shedding the pounds recently!